Aloe Token (ICO) Token Details

2 min readSep 23, 2021

Hello! Heartfelt gratitude to all the Aloe Token community members for their exemplary support! Thank You Guyz !!

This post contains critical information about the Aloe token structure and more.

Aloe Token — Blockchain-enabled E-waste collection mechanism

Don’t forget! Nobody from the Aloe Token team will ever ask for any payment in a message or email. Any such request from anybody is a SCAM! The only place where we will publish the BEP address is


Aloe Tokens are non-mintable (No new ALOE token will ever be issued), Binance Smart Chain-based BEP 20 tokens with a total quantity of 100,000,000.

Aloe Token Asset and Budget Allocation

Token Distribution

As stated above there will be a total supply of 100 million ALOE tokens which are distributed as follows :

  • Sale: 22% tokens are allocated for the Aloe Token Token sale.
  • Advisors and Partners: 2% of the tokens are for people willing to partner with us and help us through our journey.
  • Marketing: 20% tokens are allocated to early adopters and marketing support.
  • Reserves: 26% tokens are allocated for the Aloe Guardians (our superheroes).
  • Team: 10% of the total tokens are allocated for the team members.
  • Liquidity: 20% tokens are allocated for the liquidity


The Crowdsale is subdivided into 2 rounds of events — IEO & Public Sale. The IEO and Public Sale are open to all. All the sales rounds together will account for 22% Aloe tokens.

Private sale is live now with a discount of 60% to take part in the Private sale whitelist.

Prominent members from some of the known blockchain projects landed their important strategic advice on the serious potential of Aloe Token in the blockchain space as well as in the E-Waste management sector which helped us in finalizing our token metrics. This token structure also enables us to keep the doors open for interested value add groups/pools and strategic parties that can add value and contribute towards the success of Aloe Token.

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