Introducing ALOE E-CELL: World’s first aloe vera powered batteries

2 min readSep 18, 2021

Hello Readers👋

What is Aloe E-cell?

As the name suggests, ALOE E-Cell is the world’s first 100% Eco-friendly and non-hazardous batteries made using ALOE VERA. It was designed to replace the toxic and hazardous chemicals of the batteries with the herbal electrolyte which has been recognized worldwide by some of the top-notch organizations like Schneider Electric, Tata Power, EIT KIC, EO GSEA, etc.

Daily use batteries are working fine, then why ALOE E-Cell?

Normal batteries consist of chemicals that produce Hazardous materials at the end of their life which when not recycled properly are dangerous to living beings as well as the Environment and we all know the reality, the E-Waste recycling is not up to the mark in developed countries, and in the 3rd world countries like India, it’s in stone-broke condition !!

7/10 people living nearby landfills are suffering from chronic diseases !!

69% of the population is struggling with the pollution caused due to these batteries !!

So, ALOE E-CELL provides you a Clean and Sustainable alternative to hazardous batteries with zero health hazards to the mankind and environment…

What will happen to these daily use batteries?

Well, don’t worry we got you covered.

To control the damage which already has been done to our environment, ALOE ECELL has come up with a plan on recycling used batteries with their “Batteries on blockchain” agenda and ALOE TOKEN.


There’s a thriving need for an ecosystem of people who care about the environment and to satisfy this need we have decided to connect changemakers under the name of ALOE ECOSYSTEM

Because it’s time to bring healthy change to our environment!

Thank you for reading about ALOE ECELL…Happy change-making :)