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Hello Community 👋🏻

ALOE Ecosystem Has been created to solve E-waste problems and provide a better solution involving a few stakeholders.

Let’s take a look at the Aloe ecosystem

Aloe E-Shops, Distribution, and Collection centers will purchase batteries from the company and sell them to the consumers who will return the used batteries and earn Aloe coins in return.

These used batteries will be sent to the recycling and manufacturing centers and a new product I.e. Aloe fertilizer will be introduced which will be further available to the different supply chain stakeholders.


The blockchain-enabled collection mechanism will work as in

The collection mechanism will function as a medium of collection of e-waste and distribution of rewards for every reward-enabled activity.

Aloe’s community-driven collection mechanism collects battery waste by involving a hyperlocal network where a smooth process of

1. Scanning of QR code

2. Depositing of batteries

3. Verification will be done

4. Receiving of Aloe tokens


1. User Rewards — for sending the battery waste and joining the initiative to save nature.

2. Stakeholders Rewards — all the distributors, collection centers etc will be rewarded for connecting the user and manufacturing hub and also for depositing battery waste

3. ALOE Currency- it will be used for rewarding customers who buy Aloe Ecell products/services to bring an eco caring environment

4. Joining Revolution — People will be rewarded for joining the vision of a cleaner and sustainable environment by entering the Aloe Ecell community

5. Stacking rewards — stacking will help the holders to earn high-interest rates

6. Refer and Earn — Individuals, influencers, community angels, etc will be rewarded for aligning with the vision and expanding the network for a Greener World.

Thus, an aloe token is a utility token that has been introduced to be utilized in the aloe cell ecosystem as a mode of currency and to earn rewards, discounts, exclusive products, etc

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