From the era of those heavy ancient metallic coins to the world of Bitcoin, the currency has been a companion and trademark of human civilization development.

How is cryptocurrency ruling our world? and changing the ways of our economy and sustainable development of societies.

Aloe Token is a splendid example of it.

It is a Binance smart chain BEP-20 compliment token that has been created with the vision of being used as a utility token to be utilized with Aloe Ecell products and services. it is being used as a mode of payment in the ecosystem.

forming an army of Aloe Guardians to save this world from bad batteries, reward and baits stakeholders, investors, and people to join this eco-friendly revolution.

Some of the benefits to the users include products and refer and earn i.e rewards on referring it to your friends.

Stakeholders, collectors of batteries, and distributors are also given stipends and bonuses in the form of Aloe tokens

A total of 100 million Aloe tokens have been created to ensure its services as a utility token supporting research and product development activities and will be further used to communicate, network, and earn rewards by our investors and community members through farming and staking activities.

Aloe tokens along with currency are exchange gifts for holding our hands in this mission of forming a better and cherished world.

E-waste piling up in landfills, oceans, toxic metals getting biomagnified in food chains are nothing but a herald for setting up of aloe ecosystem

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And please feel free to send a mail to contact@aloeecell.io if you have more questions.

until then Bye👋



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